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Ahh, yes, there are times down on the ol' Spud Farm when we experience a true "Potato Burst".

Magdalena Stober


Elsewhere on this site there is a reference to a Magdalena Stober, wife of Isaac S. Gerhart, and was included in a brief Posey/Gerhart History put out to a handful of descendants of that line. As with our inclination to focus on the male lines starting with our own, we didn't pay that much attention to her - she's been dead for 130+ years.

Through the presence of this site another ancestrally challenged individual, Marie Stober, first recognized Magdalena's name, then emailed us a brief introductory note, and finally emailed with information on her lineage as well as links to a major Stober/Stover site on the net.

While we have been able to provide some information on our line of descendancy from Magdalena, what Marie's efforts were able to provide were so much more significant. It is such a kick to discover ancestors you never knew you had - in this case we now have an additional 5 generations back on the Stober line, extending us back in time from 1791 to 1626. A major find.

The website from which this information is taken is here, or copy & paste

Ancestors of Magdalena STOBER - 24 Mar 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. Magdalena STOBER was born on 3 Mar 1791. She died on 15 May 1862 in East Cocalico Twp, PA. She was buried in Swamp Cemetery, Reinholds, Lancaster Co. Pa.

Notes from 1993 work: Magdalena Stober, parents Johannes STOBER & Maria Salome MATER, was born in Pennsylvania on March 3, 1791. She was seven years older than her husband Peter Gerhart. They married July 30, 1818 when Magdalena was 27 years old. She died at 71 on May 15, 1862 and is buried at Swamp Cemetery, Reinholds, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Eight children:


2. Johannes STOBER was born in Feb 1764 in Lancaster County, PA. He died on 5 Mar 1851. He was married to Maria Salome MATER on 5 Mar 1782 in Lancaster County, PA.

3. Maria Salome MATER. Johannes STOBER and Maria Salome MATER had the following children:


4. Johann Valentin STOBER was born on 5 Feb 1717 in Germany. He died on 14 Jan 1778 in Lancaster County, PA. He was married to Eva Elizabeth BEYER on 18 Jan 1743 in Lancaster County, PA.

5. Eva Elizabeth BEYER. Johann Valentin STOBER and Eva Elizabeth BEYER had the following children:


8. Johann Valentin STOBER was born on 10 Sep 1662 in Staffort, Germany. He died in 1741 in Pennsylvania. He was married to Eva Barbara BAUER on 26 May 1716 in Germany.

9. Eva Barbara BAUER. Johann Valentin STOBER and Eva Barbara BAUER had the following children:


16. Hans Veltin STOBER was born in 1665 in Germany. He died on 30 Apr 1718 in Germany. Hans Veltin Stober, 2nd generation Stober, son of Johan Jakob Stober, villagemayor, and unk (Stober). Noted as "son of older villagemayor" at Stober Internet site. noted Mar 23, 1998, bh. He was married to Catharina Agathe STRAUSS on 3 Mar 1691 in Germany.

17. Catharina Agathe STRAUSS was born on 12 Sep 1672. She died on 8 Mar 1731. Hans Veltin STOBER and Catharina Agathe STRAUSS had the following children:


32. Johan Jakob STOBER was born in 1626 in Staffort, Germany.3 He died on 23 Oct 1691 in Staffort, Germany.3 Johann Jakob Stober, villagemayor. Info from internet, Stober Descendants. copyright 1997, 1998 Patricia Stober Fair. Information on this line researched by Jack Stover from the records of the Staffort (Germany) Evangelical Church. Note indicates marriage date may be incorrect since 2 children are Hans Peter and Hans Veltin born in 1660 & 1665 respectively. Marriage date given is 1682. Alternative view may indicate 2nd marriage for Johann Jakob after death of mother of Peter & Veltin. Wife Anna Margareta Batzenschlager was born in 1629. Will therefore posit unknown first wife for Johan Jacob in tree. bh 3/23/98 He was married to unk (STOBER) before 1660.

33. unk (STOBER). Johan Jakob STOBER and unk (STOBER) had the following children:

As mentioned above, with the exception of information previously gathered on Magdelena, data on all names, places and dates were found on the Stober web site which is copyrighted 1997, 1998 by Pat Stover Fair.

Descendancy/Tie-in with Hoffsommer lines:

Descendants of Magdalena Stober -

1-Magdalena Stober (3 Mar 1791-15 May 1862) sp: Peter Gerhart (25 Nov 1798-3 Jun 1869)