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Attic Photos from M.L.H. Taylor

The photos on this page are totally new to our eyes and, if you are a relation, yours as well. The photos will 'resonate' depending on how closely related you are to the Conrad Hoffsommer descendancy.

This first photo is part of a larger, full house and yard photo taken sometime in or after 1907. From left to right is Henry G. Posey of Steelton, Mabel O. Hoffsommer, Conrad Hoffsommer and Mary Melinda Wohlfarth. The house is in Harrisburg. This is the only known photo that includes Posey/Hoffsommer. Conrad's son Walter Edward married Henry's daughter Grace in 1907.

The second photo is a rarity. It is family grouping of a young Conrad Hoffsommer taken around 1893. Conrad was born in 1850 in Germany.

Standing left to right: Walter Edward Hoffsommer, aged 13 (b. 1880-d. 1922), Alfred Hoffsommer aged 19 (b. 1874-d. 1969), and Alice Estelle Hoffsommer, aged 17 (b. 1876- d. 1903). Seated left to right: Conrad Hoffsommer, aged 44 (b. 1850 - d. 1918), Laura Edith Hoffsommer, aged 10 (b. 1883 - d. 1901), Mary Melinda Wohlfarth, aged 43 (b. 1850 - d. 1929), and infant Mabel Olive Hoffsommer, aged 1 (approximately) (b. December 1892 - d. 1985).

The third, fourth and fifth photos are of Conrad & Mary's wedding certificate of April 1873. It is, as you can see, under glass in a frame. It hangs on a wall in Pennsylvania and had been seen 5 years ago. A recent trip uncovered all the other photos you see here.

Wedding photo

Conrad at 22yrs

Mary at 22

Later in life they looked like this:


The photo collection also included other relations.

First, in the previous generation, a portrait photo of John George Hoffsommer and Maria Herrman, both of Germany, Conrad's father and mother. The photo would probably have been taken in Kansas before February 1890, when Maria Herrman died.

A photo of another of John George and Mary's sons, John George and Ida Johnson was also collected:

John and Ida married in 1893. Ida died in 1945, John George in 1963 at the age of 94.

One of Conrad's sisters, Anna Elizabeth Hoffsommer, is shown below with her husband, Charles Erffmeyer.

In addition a 3 priceless photos of Mary Wohlfarth's siblings were collected.

First, her younger sister Sarah (who had collected most of these photos) along with her two daughters, Effie and Lottie. The family name is Conrad.

Second is a brother, Jordan, born in 1853

and, finally, another brother, identified on the photo as William.

William's existence was unknown to us until viewing the photo.

Lastly, Conrad's oldest son, Alfred, and his wife Lou Johnson.

All photos except the individual photo of Mary Wohlfarth at age 43, were taken using a video camera, captured digitally using the Snappy software, and converted to .jpg format for this page. The visual clarity and brightness are going to be a function of your screen and adjustments. If you have extreme difficulty viewing the photos, or want a copy sent your way electronically, email me.

Thanks to M.L.H. Taylor of Dauphin, Pa.